Seri Endon Victory Ventures



A holistic and fun-filled programme of activity is developed for youth, to enable their prompt recovery and  revival of their energetic life styles.

The programme is planned to renew and strengthen the powerful aura of youth by developing skills to overcome the FAP factor – Fear, Anger and Pain (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) caused by Cancer.  No one is a loser, because of Cancer.  Together everyone is victorious through these ventures.  The cancerChamps’ Motto – “Victory Ventures Rock!”

This is an Annual Event that is held during a period of three nights and four days. A conducive location is selected each year. Professional facilitators volunteer their time and skills for the benefit of these youth. Amazing progress has been noted.

The SERI ENDON VICTORY VENTURES PROGRAMME is held during the months of May/June for Youth in the age group of 17 to 26 years old. Registration to attend is open to all, who seek the Venture to be victorious over cancer.