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At the point of diagnosis, the cancer patient enters a period of shock, disbelief and dismay, anger and anguish, leading to more intensely distressing emotions. In sequence, the nature of treatment leads to other agonizing and debilitating experiences. It is not unusual for cancer patients to fear the worst. However, these can be contained with proactive and positive effort, to gradually dispel the fear and depressive sentiments. The prognosis is improved through healthy aftercare and quality living.  A multi-pronged programme is initiated with focus on the particular needs. In the recent time, the reference to those who are party to positive attitude in coping with cancer, are referred to as “cancerChamps”. The first of who, was the late YBHG. Datin Paduka Seri Endon Mahmood, who coined this vocabulary and exemplified it.


Classes are conducted in twice-weekly Sessions. It is open to all.


Classes are conducted as weekly Sessions. It is open to all.


It is a personal massage done with the Cane. It aids with the circulation and improves blood pressure. It relieves pain, stress, tension and headache (migraine). The Therapy is relaxing, and aids with the lymphatic drainage of the body.